The Board Internship provides Mentors to help equip, empower and release young Christians to live out their faith in a Board setting across the Christian NFP sector and the secular space.

Mentorship is an extremely gratifying role and comes with an assurance that one’s investment will better the personal and professional life of a younger peer. The opportunity to pass on wisdom and life experience to the next generation by becoming a Mentor is a chance to leave a legacy which will live on long after the Mentor leaves the Host Board.

Mentor training will be provided prior to the commencement of the Internships from an experienced Mentor to deal with any questions an aspiring Mentor may have.

For more information about the role of the Mentor in The Board Internship, read the Mentor information pack here.

“Being a mentor for a board intern provides a great opportunity to help develop the governance experience and skills of someone who is keen to learn. I have so far been privileged to mentor two enthusiastic young people willing to commit their own time and effort to develop their governance skills and to then take that experience to assist boards in other organizations.”

Jame Lewis
Chair, Hillcrest Christian College and CMA Board Member