Program Breakdown

The program is structured around a 12-month internship with 6 main components:

Interns will attend all Board meetings as non-voting members. They’ll receive all Board documents and may be seconded onto appropriate subcommittees (at the Host Board’s discretion and depending on their availability).


Interns will be mentored by an experienced Board Member who will meet with them one-on-one throughout the year and offer advice, field questions, exchange feedback and personally support them.

Facilitated learning opportunities

Interns will participate in webinars and CMA conferences to learn more about a range of foundational governance topics.

The current speakers lined up for webinars in the inaugural year include George Savvides (ex CEO of Medibank and ex Chair of World Vision Australia), John Anderson (ex Deputy PM of Australia), Rev. Tim Costello (Chair of Community Council for Australia, ex CEO of World Vision Australia), Gary Hoag (President and CEO of Global Trust Partners), Penny Mulvey (Chief Communications Officer for Bible Society Australia), Tim Hanna (ex CEO of Compassion Australia), Steve Kerr (Executive Director of the CMA Standards Council) and Dawn Penney (CEO of Korus Connect).

Host Boards are also expected to include Interns in their own Board development training.


Interns will be trained and equipped to act as effective “askers” and will be given the opportunity to assist in a fundraising campaign to apply their new skills, the funds from which will go towards reducing the cost of the program.

Networking Opportunities

Interns will be invited to various networking events throughout the year. Graduates can be listed on a CMA Directory and join an Alumni Group, with discounted prices of select CMA events for 2 years.

Internship Support

Interns and Mentors will be engaged in regular reviews, including formal reviews after six and 12 months. At a graduation dinner, Interns will receive a certificate of competence and, where appropriate and available, referrals to open Board positions.

Beneath all this is a commitment to ensure Interns receive hands-on experience and become genuinely part of a Host Board's operations.
to be
an Intern

Applications closed on 1 April for the 2021/2 program year. We will be reopening the application process for next year in early 2022. If you wish to receive an email notification when applications reopen, please fill out the ‘Get more info’ form below, and write ‘Notify me when applications reopen’ in the message.

Intern applicants must be under 35, able to provide a referee from their church community and have a current resumé.

Upon receipt, we’ll conduct an initial reference check from your church community. An additional professional referee may also be requested from the candidate.

If satisfactory, you’ll be invited to interview with the Nominations Committee. From there, successful candidates will be contacted and the placement process will commence in conjunction with participating Host Boards.